Membership Options

Influencer KYC Membership

  • $45 / yr for a limited time only!
  • Influencer Opportunity Alerts 
  • Included in our statewide creatives database for Kentucky businesses / brands to contact you
  • Access to KYC Quarterly Meet ups
  • Private invite to brand/ business events year round
  • Instagram and Facebook Takeovers

Business KYC Membership

  • $100/ year
  • Immediate access to our statewide creatives database 
  • 1qty Promo Package 
    • 5 influencers suggested by KYC to promote product or service or sale
    • Business chooses the launch date within 3 months of joining
  • 1:1  Welcome consultation from KY Creatives (virtual)
    • Showcase how the directory works
    • Outline additional services offered at special pricing

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